Mud and Man

It’s Jan 3 2015. I’ve had 2 great days in the studio mainly working in clay. I have my good friend Suresh, our local Kumar, working with me. There is a large consignment of pots wanted for a project, as well as masks and Suresh and I are working on them together. Master and man, and before you get it wrong I’m the man, the mente without a doubt. The fact that I seriously trained as a potter some 50 years ago and got a grade 2 in the first ever O Levels that were put up, my then teacher Dai Jenkins getting a grade 3!, I’m very much the second in command

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At this moment I’m working on creating a light feature using the most basic method of making, pinch pots. Toying with the idea that I really should be weighing my clay to get consistency – each piece weighing about 500 grams, Suresh is throwing huge stoneware pieces, each of which are over 25 Kg’s in weight and he is using his eye, not even calipers, to ensure the 3 pieces he is making are all much the same size

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This man has more human creativity in his little finger than I have in my entire body, heart, mind and soul. If the world was full of Suresh’s we would be surrounded by natural beauty, we’d look after the planet, there would be not mindless violence, no corruption and no wars.

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Prof Mike Knowles FRSA

Sushant School of Design